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Build better teams!

  Our escape room adventures offer team-building sessions that create laughter, fun and a memorable       experience for your staff, school group, or other organization. In addition, team members have the
opportunity to practice skills in  communication, organization, and critical thinking. And while all teams
want to solve the puzzles and  “win", the real value is in playing the game.


What will your group experience?

  • Group Engagement – No matter what their everyday roles in your organization are, all players are equal in our escape rooms. They become part of a story that they must complete by working together.

  • Value of Diversity – Our games appeal to a variety of skill sets and personality types. Leaders, followers, organizers, listeners, creative thinkers and risk-takers all have a place on a successful team.

  • Shared Learning – Because players are working toward the same goal, they have valuable observations to share with one another. Following the game, players join in a conversation facilitated by a member of our staff. Based on their game experience, participants reflect on what they accomplished, share perspectives on their strengths and challenges, and identify insights about teamwork they can take back to the everyday world.

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