Time Quest NH creates fun and engaging adventures for all ages. 


Players will have limited time to solve clues, puzzles, and tasks. Communication, teamwork, and skills of observation are essential to escape! Can you unlock the secrets and solve the mystery in time?


Our traditional escape rooms are located in downtown Littleton, NH. Building on the success of these rooms, we now offer mobile escape games that bring the adventure to your location. 



For 2-6 Players

Boston, 1981.   

John Murphy is back with a brand new case!  He has left the police force and is reaching out to you, his old partner, for help.

A prize-winning pooch has been dog-napped. A ransom has been demanded. Best In Show is at stake. 


Can you investigate the suspects, solve the crime and bring him home in time?


Now Open!

For 2-8 Players

While checking the mail you are surprised to find a mysterious package waiting for you.  Upon opening it, you learn of the passing of your old friend and colleague Professor John Perkins and you’ve been remembered in his will.  An avid traveler and adventurer, Professor Perkins has left you one final adventure.  Can you follow the map he has sent you that leads to his remote cabin in the woods?  Can you get inside and find the secrets that he has left for you there?



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