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Everyday Superheroes: Always Saving Our Butts!

The contest is now over, but many of the puzzles are still available to solve!
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The Package Predicament / The Bewildering Boxes / The Mischievous Mislabelers / Heeellllllpppp!

Uncle Harry, the local grocer and your quirky, accident prone uncle has left you in charge of unpacking the shipment of supplies to restock the grocery store shelves.  Time is of the essence because customers will be arriving soon and something has gone very, very wrong with the delivery.  


The labels on the boxes don't match the contents inside.  There should be more boxes of groceries in this delivery.  Where did they go?  One of the boxes has nothing inside except a mysterious note. Was this a mistake or a prank or is something more sinister going on?  Further investigation is needed and, as Uncle Harry is nowhere to be found, the job falls to you...

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